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3 Major Pointe No-No’s

Pointe shoes are one of the most fascinating inventions to dancers and non-dancers alike. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how they should be properly worn or maintained. Whether you’re an actual student who is new to pointe, or you’re young at heart and like to play dress-up, here are 3 pointe no-no’s from an insider. Pointe […]

10 Pointe Shoe Hacks For 2016

Whether you’re new to pointe or already mastering fouettes, here’s a list of 10 pointe shoe hacks for the new year. 1. Use antibiotic ointment. It’s no secret that pointe shoes are a pain. Some ambitious students want to appear hardcore by using only masking tape (not good). But most dancers will spend extra bucks […]

Pointe Class For Adults

It’s a dream for many adult students to progress to pointe. It certainly isn’t expected when joining an adult ballet class, but it’s a possibility for the most dedicated dancers. If you’re considering dancing on pointe, talk to your teacher. They can give you an honest assessment as to whether you’re ready to handle the demands […]

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